Use Our Dev-Cost Estimation Checklist

We firmly believe that you or your internal/local developers are the better choices to develop your own systems than us.

Specially for start-up wannabe projects, you are encouraged to use the following Initial Dev-Cost Estimation Checklist and drive better deals with your local or internal developers.

1. Local Linux Computing Components

  * [PC]( Lenovo Model Q190 with 8GB, 500GB Disk Memory or Similar
  * [OS]( Ubuntu 14.04 Installed

2. Web Computing Components (DigitalOcean or Similar)

  * [Digital Ocean]( 1 Year Contract  with 2 GB, 40 GB SSD Storage
  * [OS](  Ubuntu 14.04 Installed

3. Web Backup Resources

  * [Digital Ocean]( 1 Year Contract of weekly snapshot-based backups
  * [Back Blaze](  1 year contact of on-demand backups

4. Web Registration Components (GoDaddy or Similar)

  * [GoDaddy]( 5 Year Contract for one .com name

5. Software Components Installed On Both Local and Web computers

  * [Node.js]( 
  * [Markdown]( 
  * [Mongo DB]( 
  * [MySQL DB]( 
  * [MyFields DB]( 
  * [Raneto]( 
  * [Express](
  * [Hiawatha](
  * [Lunr](
  * [Jquery](
  * [Bootstrap](
  * [Jade]( 

  * [Mustache]( 
  * [EJS]( 
  * [Hogan](
  * [Riotjs]( * Riotjs is more than a template engine. But it can double as one.
  * [Handlebars]( 

6. Startup Components

  * [UI Side]( A HTML template from ThemeForest will be converted to a Node version
  * [Scaffold Side]( DocuComm Scaffold is suggested

7. Personnel Components

  * [Local Consultants]() Estimate how many half-day sessions will be required
  * [Internal Developers]() Estimate how many internal man-hours need to be budgeted

Our direct availability is limited. If you still need to retain us to talk to your local developers or help you to better estimate the ballpark dev costs, please write to us at