Free Services of DocuComm

They are:

  • Docu A-Z: Finest Markdown service, free, secure, intuitive. No registration required.
  • MySQL Discovery: See, feel, touch and learn
  • MyMongo Discovery: See, feel, touch and learn
  • Fields4Ecomm or MyFields Make: Do the actual work
  • Content Discovery: Via our DeepBookMarking Technology used in

Our services are designed to be secure, intuitive and non-intrusive, thus requiring no registration. On certain circumstances, users might be interested in registering with us. Then we will invite you to register.

Let us explain.

  • Docu A-Z saves the file in your browser and into the Downloads directory of your local computer. No need to register.
  • MySQL, MyMongo Discovery: You use these two as your learning sand boxes. No need to register.
  • Content Discovery of Unless you are a content manager for us, there is no need.

MyFields Make Service:

  • Here also, we'd love to serve you on the no-registration basis. So this service is geared toward real works on semi-private data for small to mid-size eCommerce shops, such as product catalogs which will end up in the eyes of the public. To maintain this semi-private privacy (i.e. not completely public), you need to use our token generator.

  • However, you plan to use this Technology for your private or internal data, write to us at, you will be invited to register and will be granted private accesses.